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Our Goal is to make it easy to understand insurance.

Insurance in it’s simplest form is a hedge against an outcome that may cost us large sums of money.

We pay small amounts of money to protect us against having to pay large amounts of money down the road that could cause us undo financial hardship.

Insurance exists for countless items & if it doesn’t there are generally providers out there willing to under write new policies for the right price. In general none of us will have a need to go that deep down the rabbit hole.

Some of the main form of insurance world wide is health, home & Auto. These 3 are generally considered mandatory and in fact are in some instances.

Having auto insurance for instance in the US is required. More so if you hit someone and are at fault. In this manner the person you hit will be compensated for medical injuries or damages done to their car.

Home Insurance is required when you have a mortgage loan on the property. This insurance protects the property that the lender is lending on. With out this your interest rate on your home loan would be higher as the property isn’t as secured.

Health insurance while no longer required in the US is seen as a must by most people. This will protect you from large medical bills and ensure you get treatment when sick.

There are many other forms of insurance and our site covers most of these. Browse the site, read and educate yourself on the different types of insurances out there and understand when you should have insurance.