Your first step in determining the right homeowners coverage is estimating the replacement cost of your home. The second step is selecting the coverage amount that best fits your needs. We recommend that you purchase an amount of coverage equal to the estimated replacement cost. But the choice is yours.Continue Reading

The homeowner’s insurance policy is a package policy that combines more than one type of insurance coverage in a single policy. There are four types of coverages that are contained in the homeowner’s policy: dwelling and personal property, personal liability, medical payments, and additional living expenses. Property Damage Coverage PropertyContinue Reading

Homeowners is one of the most popular forms of personal insurance on the market. The typical homeowners policy has two main sections: Section I covers your property, and Section II provides personal liability coverage (to cover you in case of lawsuits arising from things that happen on your property). AlmostContinue Reading

General business liability coverage protects your assets and pays for obligations such as medical costs if someone gets hurt while he or she is on your property or if you or any of your employees caused injury to someone. Also, it would cover the cost of a lawyer and anyContinue Reading

Insurance is all about managing risks. Insurance companies avoid taking any risks when they are setting the rates for a product. They want to take precautions to ensure that you won’t die prematurely, causing them to pay out a lot more than you paid in. What sort of risks areContinue Reading

Whether you are purchasing term insurance or permanent life, one of the most important issues to consider is the financial health of the company that’s providing the insurance. After all, you want to make sure the company will still be in business when your beneficiaries need that payoff. To checkContinue Reading